You did not press the button

You will get 3 wishes
Your worst enemy will get 10
4635 have pressed 3677 did not press
Me realising i can get get 13 wishes: STONKS
13 wishes for me
problem solved
wish them dead
they dont deserve it
Wish away there wishes over to me, lol.
i dont have an enemy haha
wish they didnt get any
I can just wish for them to fall in a volcano and for hem to have no wishes. they are the ones that are pathetic anyways
I don’t even know if I have a enemy.
So i get 3 wishes and a nemesis!!
I would just wish for my enemy to just push the button for this question also, so I would get 13 wishes
u didnt say u can wish for more wish and wish for unlimited wishes and make him have no wishes
id just wish my enemy had no wishes